my current jam (shamefully)

You know how you have that song, or those songs, that you just LOVE but feel a little funny about listening to, let alone loving! You know what I mean, those songs by artists that you promise to yourself to HATE, or about subjects that you swear you'll never listen to, or some combination of both. Well, I have a new "jam of shame!" It's "Shake" by the Ying Yang Twins featuring Pitbull! This song, SADLY is my JAM! I mean, like I LOVE it! I think it's because it has the "din daa daa" song (the club song & song from Breakin' 2: Electric Bugaloo) in it! So maybe the clubhead/fan of that movie -- don't joke me! that movie was IT back in the day! -- in me feels COMPELLED to love that song! I just be jammin' to it! (yes, that was bad grammar. Ok, but so what. It's not like Mr. Rey is grading this!)
Why do I feel so bad about liking it, um...hello, it's by the freakin Ying Yang Twins!! Seriously! I don't think that ANYTHING by them should be my Jam like "Shake" currently is. Secondly, it's CALLED "Shake", for goodness' sake! I just feel some type of way about liking a song called Shake! It's like, what you listening to "oh, it's called 'Shake' girl!" LOL! What? But having said all that, it's my jam!
(PS another "jam of shame" is "the whisper song" remix. what is it about those freakin TWINS! d$mn them!)


Toya said…
Okay, I unreasonably love that Mike Jones song. "Back then they didn't want me . . . now I'm hot, they all on me!" I don't understand why I love it, but I do. But my all time shameful song "Back that Thang Up". I love it, Tonyette. Do you hear me? I love it.
PhillyPhile said…
I feel you. Anything by Fifty Cents is my songs of shame. I just feel like I shouldn’t like him because with every interview he basically says yes I know I am exploiting the black youth and setting a bad example, by providing a horrible role model an giving a false since of my reality. However if anyone oppose me I will just mock them in my next single and all the little sheep that said person tried to save will blindly hate said person although he/she was trying to save their necks. Meanwhile while all my little minions/fans will be living in despair trying to follow my example, and I will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I also have to dislike him/his music because he is a walking ball of hypocrisy. He states that he doesn’t like homosexuals however his image is so homoerotic. He is never photographed with a shirt on however he doesn’t cater to a female audience like LL. Hmmm. For whom are you taking your shirt off?

I honestly think that Fiddy pushed his image like a King Pin pushes crack. If you think about it, the similarities are endless but this is not my blog. Alas, every time I am in the club and “candy shop” is played I have to bop a little.

That Laffy Taffy song is also a current GP of mine.

Tonyette don’t feel bad. Although I have not herd the song you are referring to, it has to be better than your GP song of 1991. Color Me Bad “I Wanna (Blank) You Up" LOL
Ms_Kenesha said…
I love this song, too. For the same reasons as you, the dun-dada beat and I love Pitbull!
Tonyette said…
Toya, back that thing up was like THE friends and I did karaoke to it once in college! LOL! Basically the guys were rapping and the girls...well, we backed it up! LOL!

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