Ready for Love!

Today is November 1st. Please join me every day this month to see what kind of inane and asinine stuff I can conjure up to share with the world! Today, I've decided to bare my soul!

So, I was listening to India.Arie this morning on the way to work--very upset because I don't know where my Voyage to India CD is, so I had to "settle" for Acoustic Soul--and "Ready for Love" came on. And as I listened to the words, though I've heard the song many, many times before, I've come to the conclusion that I really AM ready for love! I'm ready for love, and all that comes with it. I'm ready for both the joy and pain. I'm ready to bring my voice, my eyes, my soul/mind to a relationship where a man who likes art and music and loves God will appreciate me!

I think emotionally, I'm ready. I'm more "open and available" than I used to be. I was very, stereotypically" guy-ish before. I had to be poked and prodded to share my feelings, but now, not so much! I think mentally, I'm ready. I'm ready to share--I had a VERY selfish stint a little while back--and be giving. I'm more willing to listen. I've got a healthy view of myself; my self-esteem and self-image are both high! I've got a positive outlook on relationships and longevity and marriage and I'm excited to bring that into my next (and hopefully last) relationship!

So, here I am, ready for what?


Jippy said…
That is so raw. I hope being open brings in a relationship that is truly good for your soul. Don't feel like you are waiting....... ummmmm I don't know anything about this...LOL I do wish you luck though : ) I found you from the NaBloPoMo.
Jippy jabber
Tonyette said…
Hi Jennifer! That's for dropping by and leaving a comment! I'll be sure to do the same for you at "Jippy japper"!
And thanks for the well wishes, also!

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