Are we REALLY that busy??

Ok, so I watch The Nanny and if I'm home--which I sometimes am--Golden Girls, for about 10 minutes. So this means I watch lots of Lifetime...and I always see that commercial for Boniva with Sally Field. If you don't know, Boniva is for osteoporosis treatment! The BIG thing about it is that it's a pill you only need to take once a month, as opposed to some treatments which are weekly!! Now, maybe it's because I don't have to deal with it, but I feel like even though I lead a pretty busy life...I'm sure that I could fit FIVE MINUTES into my schedule to take a pill! The same rings true for that pill they sell for like, herpes or some other STD.
In the Boniva commercial, Forest Gump's mom is all proud that she only takes one pill her month while her girlfriend has to take her pill weekly. I mean...again, I've got a pretty busy schedule, I'm sure I can find the 1 minute it would require to take a pill! because I'm ME, I did research Boniva a bit and on the website it says that you have to allot one hour to not having ANYTHING else food- or beverage-wise. Also, it says that you MUST drink plain water with it...not anything else (and it actually LISTS what you can't drink with it!!) But again, is this THAT much of a sacrifice once a much so that one would RELISH the chance to do it once monthly instead of weekly!!

And another thing that bothers me is when those commercials for medicines that tell you all the side effects and they sound WORSE than what you already have and are trying to treat!! My FAVORITE one is the commercial that is for frequent urination but one of the side effects is diarrhea!! Now, my thinking is...if you are going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME...which would you rather do??? Sheesh!!

I was going to elaborate on how I felt about the herpes (5 times a day versus one time a day) commercial, but I think my comments will be too ignorant, so I'll resist!

What commercials do you hate?


Anonymous said…
You're an idiot.
PhillyPhile said…
I think having to remember to take any kind of medicine on a regular basis is a pain. I hate it when I have a cold and need to take antibiotics for a number a days. I never remember to take it every day.

In addition, as you mentioned for many types of pills you have to schedule your life around your medicine. I have a friend with HIV. He has to take his medicine at the same time every day, but it must be at bedtime, and he can’t eat for two hours before. Essentially he has to eat dinner everyday by 8 in order to take his medicine by 10-10:30. There are several days that I’m not even home by that time. So having to take a pill only once a month simplifies things for people. Medical adherence is the main thing we are to discuss with our buddies at ActionAIDS.

Also, the less a person has to take a pill the more effective the pill becomes. When you read statistics of birth control methods, where the “pill” is about 90% effective (just guessing at the number) a large portion of ineffectiveness is due to miss use (women not taking the pill as directed).

Lastly, to answer you question are we really that busy. I generally only wear my glasses, because I can’t spare the two minuets each day to wash my hands, pop in my contacts, wash my hands again, then lotion. I only wear contact on my days off. So I’d say yes.
Skyqueen said…
Wow, I'd have to say no I'm not that busy. I always hear the ads for birth control that act like it's SUCH a big deal to take it everyday. Not that hard, in my opinion. I hope my life NEVER gets THAT busy.

The worst commercial out there is the one with Abe Lincohn and the beaver playing chess. I think it's for a sleep aid. It's just so stupid
Anonymous said…
LOL I know what you mean about the medicine commercials! I have to give my son meds on a regular basis through out the day. I do it becaue of the consequences if I don't. I just make it part of the busy stuff. Happy ThanksGiving Day!
agk said…
See, I wondered if it might be because of side effects??? Like, another commercial says something about a whole day being ruined? Who knows... I remember thinking the same thing ;)

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