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This post is dedicated to all my fans! AHAHAHA! Even I had to laugh at the foolery that was that statement!! I have like 6 faithful readers and a few new friends because of the NaBloPoMo--which I failed, by the way! This post is actually in dedication of my friend Donté who lovingly sent me an email to ask "did you just give up on blogging"! Thanks for the kick in the tuckus to get back on the blogging train! But seriously, to all like 8 of you who read my blog, I REALLY do appreciate it!! Love you!
SO...since I've been out of the blogging fold for a minute, I'll do one of my famous long posts with a breakdown by sub-topic! Here we go!

It's raining men
Ok, so it's not raining men! It, IS, however, raining cats, dogs and ponies outside!! OK, not really, but you get the drift! It's raining hard as HADES out there! Ok, so I should feel happy that I live in Baltimore, MD and not Tornadoville, SomewhereElse but STILL! (Thank you, Lord!) It's so dark outside that when I was out at 3:30pm, coming from another building back to my building at work, I was CONVINCED it was close to quittin' time--which is 6pm for me! It's bananas how dark and rainy but not cold it is outside!! Makes me wanna go home and cuddle up with, as my aunt put it "a loved one...and NOT family either!" Which goes back to the idea of it raining men!! If it were, I'd be sure to have one then...right! Wouldn't I? It would be pitiful for it to be RAINING men and I still not have one! LOL! how would that work, men falling from the sky? Would they be battered and bruised from hitting the ground, or cars or other people? Would they be naked b/c they'd be falling from the heavens? Would they fall territorially correct? Like would guys who speak English fall over the United States and Great Britain and those who speak Portugese fall over Portugal and Brazil? The idea of "man rain" is suddenly not so appealing!! But then again, that's probably because I put WAY too much thought into that! WOW! So anyway...whole point of this goal for this evening, to get somewhere and stay dry!

One of my favorite pasttimes: TV
Ok, so I SPARED everyone by not posting updates about LB: The Real OC...but that was mostly because I didn't see it that much this season! Yesterday was the season finale and I can't believe that I didn't even realize that Cami, Kyndra, Cameron and...that's all I can remember...oh, oh, oh, Raquel, Tessa and the unfortunately unattractive Breanna...were only JUNIORS this year!! I HATE these kids!! They went to Cabo San Lucas for spring break!! They drive nice SUVs and Beamers and stuff! I HATE these kids! So since that's gone off, I'll have to talk about a show I LOVE...and I'll get criticism for liking it, but that's ok with me, The Wire! I think it's a fantastic show because it really shows what SOME aspects of living in Baltimore are like. I have a friend who works for an elected official and she told me that he actually used footage in a meeting to prove a point!! WAY TO GO to The Wire!! It's so well-written and it keeps me on edge! One of my favorite characters for whatever reason is Snoop...she's my favorite man-girl ever! And I think that Jamie Hector--aka Marlo Stanfield--has beautiful eyes! Plus, I love ALL the lil kids, even the car-jacking one who is like 14 AND the one who has a offensively foul mouth but is like 10! And let's talk about a show I DON'T like...the FREAKING Tyra Banks show!! What is WITH this chick? She has issues and she got her own talk show so she could work them out!! She irks me!!! I'd want to BANG her if I went on her show!! What else am I watching this season? I'm TRYING to watch Girlfriends but it's harder and harder because the stories are dumb sometimes!! The Game, I feel the same way!! I'm trying but it's not really all that super-interesting! I'm just trying to support Tia Mowry...and the guy who plays her boyfriend is WAY cuter than the guy who was in that first episode--that episode that was actually a Girlfriends episode--but he seems dumber!

Another favorite pasttime: reading
I've been able to devote more time to reading lately--since I readjusted my schedule and decided to do considerably less tutoring and extraneous crap! I'm very happy about it because I've read like perhaps 9 books in the last month and a half!! I'm back to my old self! It feels great! What are some of the books I've read: God Don't Like Ugly, God Still Don't Like Ugly and now I'm reading God Don't Play (they are a trilogy) by Mary Monroe. I love her books but she uses the "f" word TOO MUCH! Ugh!! it "hanky panky" or "nooky" but I'm sorry, I find it DISGUSTING when the main character talks about her and her husband in that way! UGH! I'm so happy to be back in the swing of reading!! YAY, ME!

I'm really enjoying Netflix so far...I just subscribed to it less than 2 weeks ago and I already have my 2nd and 3rd movie at home! Whoo hoo! (Sidenote: I MUST purchase ATL! That I see what all the fuss is about! I mean, he's literally a POUND or two bigger than Snoop was in that wife beater in Baby Boy, but his presence is incredibly sexy! I shudder to think that I was about to use the word "swagger". Though it was SO appropriate...I feel funny using certain slang sometimes!) So thanks to Netflix, tonight, while I'm home staying dry, I plan to watch Wedding Crashers and Freedomland! Whoo hoo!

I think that's it for now...oh wait, I finally remembered to stop paying for AOL!! Wanted to announce that because I've been "getting around to it" for months! Yay me...but I just got Netflix--and it's almost the same price! In fact, Netflix will be a few cents higher (I had AOL for Broadband at $14.95 and I will have the Netflix 2-at-a-time unlimited for $14.99 plus tax!). So that whole "I could save that $15" went right out the window! Oh well, at least I'm happy!


MarillaAnne said…
Woah ... here i was worried you dropped off the face of the earth. Very fun to read you this a.m. I'm loving Netflix too ... I'm beginning to get over the "I'm just wasting time here" guilt.

Yesterday I watched Failure to Launch and actually enjoyed it as much as the previews.

I'm looking for recommendations on chick flicks. Drop me a comment on my blog if you have suggestions.

keep writing. lots of people would love to have eight people willing to read their writing attempts.


toya said…
Girl, I laughed 'til I choked about you wanting to bang Tyra Banks. I do, too! She is so ridiculous. And yet I watch the show every day ... it's like a train wreck! She just gets worse and worse. I mean, for real, when you have to resort to having the entire audience in their underwear, you know you have a problem.
Tonyette said…
Pam, thanks so much!! Glad you dropped by again! I'll keep on writing! I'll have to think about the "chick flick" suggestions. But I'm sure I can come up with something!

Toya, glad you understand my feelings about Tyra!! LOL! After having said ALL that, I STILL have my Directv set to Autotune to her show tonight so I can see Mary J. and Jada on there! (I watch it at 11 on Oxygen!)

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