Happy November 2!

(I'm going to start having this pic by the first post of every day, so we'll know that I actually DID 30 posts...on 30 different days!! But remember, when we go back to count, I started with this pic on the SECOND day! I don't feel like doing an ETA!)

This morning, I woke up--abruptly! My mom screamed in her sleep!! It woke me up STRAIGHT from a dream--and was very thankful! Why?

Why not?! First of all, I WOKE UP! Someone who went to sleep last night doesn't have that testimony this morning!! Not only did I wake up, I woke up in a bed in a house that had heat and lights! I woke up surrounded by family--mom and brother--who I love and love me and who I didn't have to worry about harming me, in any way, during the night! I took a shower in hot water and dressed in clothes that fit before getting into a car that's mine--well, will be mine in 2010!--and driving to a job where I can be left alone--for the most part--to do my work. I can expect a paycheck to cover the bills I have, with leftovers!--Few for now, but that's not the point! I had lunch and snacks and pretty clean water--I still drink tap! No shame in my game!--and this evening, I'll be able to have dinner! So I woke up thankful!! I told my mom "Today is November 2!" And I've been telling people all day!! We should be happy that it's November 2...NOT because Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away--which means I get to leave MD, and go to Atlantic City for about 40 hours! Whoo hoo!--and not because Christmas is right around the corner! We should be happy that today is November 2 and we are ALIVE! God, thank YOU!!

I'm going to try my best to live a more appreciative life!


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