Oh Happy Day!!

I'm feeling especially happy today, or at least right now! (It's probably "a PMS-induced manic state" which could come crashing down at any moment, but for now I'll just ride the waves!!)

Here is a list of stuff that makes me happy:
  1. My yummy lunches: I had a YUMMY lunch both yesterday and today!! Yesterday, I had a good half sandwich (Turkey Caprese) and half salad (Greek) fromPanera!! Whoo, it was scrumptious!! Then, today, I had an LBC--that's the abbreviation for "little bacon cheeseburger" on the fax form--with fries from Five Guys! Yum, yum, yum! Now, of course because I don't eat much beef I'll be UPSET on like Friday evening, but it was worth it!
  2. Thundercats!: I am SO excited to know that Thundercats, Seasons 1 & 2 are on DVD! It is honestly one of my favorite cartoons of ALL TIME! I get to see Lion-O, Snarf and the gang soon!! Whoo hoo! I saw the DVDs on sale at Best Buy, but before I decide to buy--it takes a LOT to convince me to buy DVDs or CDs--I will view them all on Netflix!! I'm more than thrilled about this! (I remember one year my cousin Aaron dressed up as Lion-O for Halloween! It was the GREATEST costume ever!)
  3. Netflix, in general: I am SUCH a fan of Netflix. As my grandma Ernestine once said, "They sure make everything for lazy people these days!" I couldn't agree more and be happier! Netflix is so great because literally all I have to do is go to my computer, pick out a bunch of movies I want to see, wait for them to come to my mailbox, watch them and mail them back! I don't even have to put stamps on the envelopes that COME with the DVDs in the mail!! Whoever came up with this...genius!
  4. Days of having NOTHING to do: This past Saturday, because I didn't have dance practice, I relaxed so much and did so little that I started to feel guilty and I even decided to take a look at my Palm Tungsten to make sure I wasn't missing out on something! I came in the house on Friday night and didn't leave back out until Sunday morning! It was SUPERB!!!!

SO, for NOW, I'm happy!


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