Why I (will) talk about food SO much

In case you are like "dang, this girl LOVES food!"--and if you aren't like that, you probably WILL be--or even "why does she have links to Godiva and the Food Network?" I just thought I'd mention that I intend to become a pastry chef in the near future! So my "job" will be food, well dessert very soon.

Plus, on top of that, I LOVE to eat. Let's be real! My friend Tyesha told me that she didn't know anyone who got as excited talking about food as me. I can accept that! I mean, I really enjoy food. I feel like this, if we must eat to live, and if I intend to live until at least my late 90s, I'd better get to enjoying what it is that I eat. (But I do have a friend who loves to talk about food with me! I won't say any names, but she's a NEWLYwed! She knows who she is!)


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