Laguna Beach on 9/26/025

I completely LOVE this show! (I know I said that in the last post, but so what!) This show is so completely funny to me! Oh, and Talan is officially on the list of my CROSSOVER boyfriends! (I will post my "crossover list" in another post!) When he was fixing that totally unworthy Kristin dinner, I was like, "Talan, you should be mine!" Which brings me to Kristin! Honey, if you know that Talan likes you and you know that Stephen freakin' LOVES you, what are you doing? The faces that she makes when she's with each of them is so funny, but if I saw the show later and was either one of them, I'd be upset with her! And in the previews for the episode next week, she "hooks up" with another guy! But hey, at least she's being honest. She has told both Talan and Stephen that she doesn't want a boyfriend, so I gotta give her that! How about the "MOST FAKE CHICK IN THE UNIVERSE" award goes to Casey! Sheesh, everything about her is fake! It's ridiculous! I hate to even hear her talk! And it seems that everyone is always hating on Alex M. But I don't like the wench either, so you can add me to the list of haters!
Laguna Beach is now for me what the Real World (up through Philadelphia) once was!


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