Addendum (to my crossover boyfriends list!)

In my excitement to publish my list of all the sexy MENS that I'd cross that racial line for, I COMPLETELY forgot number 4: Orlando Bloom!!
Orly, sorry I missed ya honey! What was I thinking?

Ok, now I must admit, that unlike Paul Walker--I've seen all his movies--I don't think I've ever seen one movie that even features Orlando Bloom! I know, I know! Seriously though, NO, I haven't seen any Lord of the Rings movies, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I claimed I was going to see Troy just because he was in it, but nope, didn't do that. Maybe this new movie with Kirsten Dunst will be the one that turns the tide! But the fact that I've seen him in NOTHING goes even further to prove his YUM factor! I don't even know where I've really seen him. Maybe previews and interviews, but that's about it! Anyway, he's another cutie on the crossover list!


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