New Favorite Show

I have a new favorite show on MTV. For me, this show is must-see TV.
It's Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. I LOVE this show. I get upset when I miss the new episodes. (it comes on Mondays at 10 EST) but MTV being MTV, I can ALWAYS catch a repeat!
I started watching it one day when I was being lazy in a hotel room in Dallas. I was at a dance ministry conference and couldn't move another muscle. So I flipped on the TV. Channel-surfing, I stopped on Laguna Beach. I watched like 4 episodes back-to-back and I've been hooked ever since. The show is about some RICH kids who live in Laguna Beach, California! It's a real-life show. The kids are not actors. I LOVE this show because these kids (seniors in high school and freshmen in college, now that it's the second season) live lives so FAR removed from ANYTHING I'm used to that I'm always completely intrigued, hypnotized, even stupefied by their actions! First of all, I NEVER see parents on the show. Secondly, they all drive...and nice cars and trucks too! It's ridiculous! I've been watching for like 3 months (I'm a latecomer, I know) and the main clique has been on like 3 trips! And they go nice places, Cabo San Lucas and Lake Tahoe and all this and that! MTV, this show is fantastic!

Another almost-fave is My Super Sweet Sixteen. This show is also about rich kids. But this is about rich spoiled kids! One girl hired Ciara to sing at her party. Another girl--who was only turning 15, but wanted to have a big party to ONE UP all her friends--rented models to hand-deliver edible invitations and then rented a stretch Hummer in order to see everyone's reaction to the invite. My FAVORITE girl was a spoiled snotty little girl who not only wore two different dresses to her party but also cried because her parents didn't give her the brand new Range Rover that she wanted on her actual birthday--but she got it on the day of her party! and she only had a learner's permit at the time! But my favorite moment with this little brat was when she, a friend of hers and her mother flew to Paris, to look for the dresses for the party! Then, after she got there, she kept picking all this cleavage-bearing, low-back stuff that her mom wouldn't let her get! So, she flew to Paris to find a dress for a party where she was turning 16, but she didn't even find anything! Moments like that, THAT is why I like this show so much! But nothing beats my Laguna Beach!


Phillyphile said…
I keep hearing so much about my super sweet 16. I read this article about a black guy who was throwing a party. The article was about how this self proclaimed Divo (male equivilate to a Diva) was obviously gay however his parents didn't seem to mind. Which the article said is unlike most black families. I will try to TiVo both shows.
Tonyette said…
Yes, that was last Monday's episode, which I missed. (Forgot why.) Maybe they'll show repeats of it tonight, before the new episodes of Laguna Beach and My SS16.

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