My list of crossover boyfriends (trying to be PC here!)

After numbers 1-3, they are in no particular order! Also, please know that when it comes to my BOYFRIENDS, I don't need backup. If I am the only person on the planet who thinks someone is cute, that's ok with me!)
1) Paul William Walker IV! I LOVE Paul Walker (and in case you are clueless and live somewhere that I don't wanna live, he's probably most famous for the Fast and the Furious movies!) Any movie that Paul is in, I MUST see, at least once! Yes, sometimes they SUCK but hey, at least I get to see 90 or more minutes of his beautifulness! (mini sidebar: MANY hats OFF to the casting director of 2 Fast 2 Furious! My goodness! Paul Walker, Tyrese, Ludacris and a few minutes of Michael Ealy! YES! Ok!! I didn't even care what the movie was about once I saw who was in it!)
2) Nick Lachey! I have already claimed that I WILL be his second wife! (and my name will be Tonyette Lache Lachey! LOL!) C'mon all the evidence points towards Nick marrying me. A. How long is he going to be willing to put up with Jessica and her non-cleaning, overspending self? B. I could see him with a Black wife C. I'm me! That's enough right there!
3) Benjamin Bratt (I guess he goes on this list. He has a White dad and a Peruvian Indian mother, so...) He's just beautiful! He's the REASON I started watching Law & Order! (now I just love the show, though!)
*remember, the rest of this list is in no particular order*
*Justin Timberlake (even though WHERE IS HE these days?)
*The Rock (he's another one who I'm not sure if he goes on this list. His dad is Black and his mom is Samoan.)

*Mark-Paul Gosselar (used to play Zach on Saved by the Bell and then was on NYPD Blue) He's still cute!
*Talan from Laguna Beach (he's a little cutie. my friends think that Jason is cute but I don't!)
OK, can't think of anyone else right now. This is long enough!


Toya said…
Girl, I agree with all of us those except Justin Timberlake. I used to love him, too, but he did Janet dirty during Nipplegate. I lost all respect.
Tonyette said…
Well, you've got a point there! He did act all like "what? I was innocent!"
Phillyphile said…
Hey I am feeling you with J. Timberlake and the Rock (although as you pointed out he would already be on the back of the bus will all the other colored folks). I would also add Matthew McConaughey.
Tonyette said…
Oh YES Matthew McConaughey. I forgot all about him. He's going to be in some new movie too! (He was on the "where is he" list for a while too! Thanks!

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