Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh Happy Day!!

I'm feeling especially happy today, or at least right now! (It's probably "a PMS-induced manic state" which could come crashing down at any moment, but for now I'll just ride the waves!!)

Here is a list of stuff that makes me happy:
  1. My yummy lunches: I had a YUMMY lunch both yesterday and today!! Yesterday, I had a good half sandwich (Turkey Caprese) and half salad (Greek) fromPanera!! Whoo, it was scrumptious!! Then, today, I had an LBC--that's the abbreviation for "little bacon cheeseburger" on the fax form--with fries from Five Guys! Yum, yum, yum! Now, of course because I don't eat much beef I'll be UPSET on like Friday evening, but it was worth it!
  2. Thundercats!: I am SO excited to know that Thundercats, Seasons 1 & 2 are on DVD! It is honestly one of my favorite cartoons of ALL TIME! I get to see Lion-O, Snarf and the gang soon!! Whoo hoo! I saw the DVDs on sale at Best Buy, but before I decide to buy--it takes a LOT to convince me to buy DVDs or CDs--I will view them all on Netflix!! I'm more than thrilled about this! (I remember one year my cousin Aaron dressed up as Lion-O for Halloween! It was the GREATEST costume ever!)
  3. Netflix, in general: I am SUCH a fan of Netflix. As my grandma Ernestine once said, "They sure make everything for lazy people these days!" I couldn't agree more and be happier! Netflix is so great because literally all I have to do is go to my computer, pick out a bunch of movies I want to see, wait for them to come to my mailbox, watch them and mail them back! I don't even have to put stamps on the envelopes that COME with the DVDs in the mail!! Whoever came up with this...genius!
  4. Days of having NOTHING to do: This past Saturday, because I didn't have dance practice, I relaxed so much and did so little that I started to feel guilty and I even decided to take a look at my Palm Tungsten to make sure I wasn't missing out on something! I came in the house on Friday night and didn't leave back out until Sunday morning! It was SUPERB!!!!

SO, for NOW, I'm happy!

Monday, November 27, 2006


Just had a random thought I had as I called Five Guys to get the price of a "little cheeseburger".
When you call a place like Five Guys or Pizza Hut or anywhere that is a business that accepts calls from customers, when they say "can you please hold?" is it actually a rhetorical question? or better yet, is it actually a demand posed as a polite question...which is just "polite" for "I have something else to do right now so I can't talk to you, so HOLD! If you don't like it, TOUGH!! At least we 'asked'?"

Because think about it, when the voice on the other end of the phone asked me if I would please hold...what were my options? I could have said, "No! I won't hold! " but where would that have gotten me? Would she have actually stopped ringing up people in my ear and heard my question? I highly doubt it! So I just said "sure!" and held the phone until I figured she was never coming back to her end--she was taking orders and talking to co-workers--and I hung up! (I called back about 10 minutes later! I got put on hold again! But this time, the chickadee came back to the phone!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Are we REALLY that busy??

Ok, so I watch The Nanny and if I'm home--which I sometimes am--Golden Girls, for about 10 minutes. So this means I watch lots of Lifetime...and I always see that commercial for Boniva with Sally Field. If you don't know, Boniva is for osteoporosis treatment! The BIG thing about it is that it's a pill you only need to take once a month, as opposed to some treatments which are weekly!! Now, maybe it's because I don't have to deal with it, but I feel like even though I lead a pretty busy life...I'm sure that I could fit FIVE MINUTES into my schedule to take a pill! The same rings true for that pill they sell for like, herpes or some other STD.
In the Boniva commercial, Forest Gump's mom is all proud that she only takes one pill her month while her girlfriend has to take her pill weekly. I mean...again, I've got a pretty busy schedule, I'm sure I can find the 1 minute it would require to take a pill! because I'm ME, I did research Boniva a bit and on the website it says that you have to allot one hour to not having ANYTHING else food- or beverage-wise. Also, it says that you MUST drink plain water with it...not anything else (and it actually LISTS what you can't drink with it!!) But again, is this THAT much of a sacrifice once a much so that one would RELISH the chance to do it once monthly instead of weekly!!

And another thing that bothers me is when those commercials for medicines that tell you all the side effects and they sound WORSE than what you already have and are trying to treat!! My FAVORITE one is the commercial that is for frequent urination but one of the side effects is diarrhea!! Now, my thinking is...if you are going to the bathroom ALL THE TIME...which would you rather do??? Sheesh!!

I was going to elaborate on how I felt about the herpes (5 times a day versus one time a day) commercial, but I think my comments will be too ignorant, so I'll resist!

What commercials do you hate?

Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm watching Oprah right now and the cast of Grey's Anatomy is on there...and I admittedly don't watch Oprah regularly nor do I watch Grey's Anatomy but I think that Patrick Dempsey is AS beautiful now as he was in "Can't Buy Me Love"! about beautiful as I thought he was in "Can't Buy Me Love!" Probably even more so...WHOO!

Joy on a plate!

I just got an email and saw two of my favorite food phrases in the same sentence! What were those two phrases: "BBQ chicken pizza" and "Panera Bread"! Imagine me SQUEALING with delight right now!! I LOVE barbecue chicken pizza--and the ironic thing is the first time I tasted it, I didn't realize beforehand that you get barbecue sauce instead of traditional pizza sauce and I was quite hesitant!! After the first bite, I was SUCH a fan! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything (well everything that I've tasted) from Panera Bread!! The thrill that I feel is probably a lil ridiculous! Oh WELL! I know what I'll be having for dinner!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Plethora o' posts!

This post is dedicated to all my fans! AHAHAHA! Even I had to laugh at the foolery that was that statement!! I have like 6 faithful readers and a few new friends because of the NaBloPoMo--which I failed, by the way! This post is actually in dedication of my friend Donté who lovingly sent me an email to ask "did you just give up on blogging"! Thanks for the kick in the tuckus to get back on the blogging train! But seriously, to all like 8 of you who read my blog, I REALLY do appreciate it!! Love you!
SO...since I've been out of the blogging fold for a minute, I'll do one of my famous long posts with a breakdown by sub-topic! Here we go!

It's raining men
Ok, so it's not raining men! It, IS, however, raining cats, dogs and ponies outside!! OK, not really, but you get the drift! It's raining hard as HADES out there! Ok, so I should feel happy that I live in Baltimore, MD and not Tornadoville, SomewhereElse but STILL! (Thank you, Lord!) It's so dark outside that when I was out at 3:30pm, coming from another building back to my building at work, I was CONVINCED it was close to quittin' time--which is 6pm for me! It's bananas how dark and rainy but not cold it is outside!! Makes me wanna go home and cuddle up with, as my aunt put it "a loved one...and NOT family either!" Which goes back to the idea of it raining men!! If it were, I'd be sure to have one then...right! Wouldn't I? It would be pitiful for it to be RAINING men and I still not have one! LOL! how would that work, men falling from the sky? Would they be battered and bruised from hitting the ground, or cars or other people? Would they be naked b/c they'd be falling from the heavens? Would they fall territorially correct? Like would guys who speak English fall over the United States and Great Britain and those who speak Portugese fall over Portugal and Brazil? The idea of "man rain" is suddenly not so appealing!! But then again, that's probably because I put WAY too much thought into that! WOW! So anyway...whole point of this goal for this evening, to get somewhere and stay dry!

One of my favorite pasttimes: TV
Ok, so I SPARED everyone by not posting updates about LB: The Real OC...but that was mostly because I didn't see it that much this season! Yesterday was the season finale and I can't believe that I didn't even realize that Cami, Kyndra, Cameron and...that's all I can remember...oh, oh, oh, Raquel, Tessa and the unfortunately unattractive Breanna...were only JUNIORS this year!! I HATE these kids!! They went to Cabo San Lucas for spring break!! They drive nice SUVs and Beamers and stuff! I HATE these kids! So since that's gone off, I'll have to talk about a show I LOVE...and I'll get criticism for liking it, but that's ok with me, The Wire! I think it's a fantastic show because it really shows what SOME aspects of living in Baltimore are like. I have a friend who works for an elected official and she told me that he actually used footage in a meeting to prove a point!! WAY TO GO to The Wire!! It's so well-written and it keeps me on edge! One of my favorite characters for whatever reason is Snoop...she's my favorite man-girl ever! And I think that Jamie Hector--aka Marlo Stanfield--has beautiful eyes! Plus, I love ALL the lil kids, even the car-jacking one who is like 14 AND the one who has a offensively foul mouth but is like 10! And let's talk about a show I DON'T like...the FREAKING Tyra Banks show!! What is WITH this chick? She has issues and she got her own talk show so she could work them out!! She irks me!!! I'd want to BANG her if I went on her show!! What else am I watching this season? I'm TRYING to watch Girlfriends but it's harder and harder because the stories are dumb sometimes!! The Game, I feel the same way!! I'm trying but it's not really all that super-interesting! I'm just trying to support Tia Mowry...and the guy who plays her boyfriend is WAY cuter than the guy who was in that first episode--that episode that was actually a Girlfriends episode--but he seems dumber!

Another favorite pasttime: reading
I've been able to devote more time to reading lately--since I readjusted my schedule and decided to do considerably less tutoring and extraneous crap! I'm very happy about it because I've read like perhaps 9 books in the last month and a half!! I'm back to my old self! It feels great! What are some of the books I've read: God Don't Like Ugly, God Still Don't Like Ugly and now I'm reading God Don't Play (they are a trilogy) by Mary Monroe. I love her books but she uses the "f" word TOO MUCH! Ugh!! it "hanky panky" or "nooky" but I'm sorry, I find it DISGUSTING when the main character talks about her and her husband in that way! UGH! I'm so happy to be back in the swing of reading!! YAY, ME!

I'm really enjoying Netflix so far...I just subscribed to it less than 2 weeks ago and I already have my 2nd and 3rd movie at home! Whoo hoo! (Sidenote: I MUST purchase ATL! That I see what all the fuss is about! I mean, he's literally a POUND or two bigger than Snoop was in that wife beater in Baby Boy, but his presence is incredibly sexy! I shudder to think that I was about to use the word "swagger". Though it was SO appropriate...I feel funny using certain slang sometimes!) So thanks to Netflix, tonight, while I'm home staying dry, I plan to watch Wedding Crashers and Freedomland! Whoo hoo!

I think that's it for now...oh wait, I finally remembered to stop paying for AOL!! Wanted to announce that because I've been "getting around to it" for months! Yay me...but I just got Netflix--and it's almost the same price! In fact, Netflix will be a few cents higher (I had AOL for Broadband at $14.95 and I will have the Netflix 2-at-a-time unlimited for $14.99 plus tax!). So that whole "I could save that $15" went right out the window! Oh well, at least I'm happy!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Strippers on Family Feud!!!

Ok, so it's not exactly like it sounds!! I was watching Family Feud this morning as I got dressed--I was trying something different because I normally watch The Nanny! DON'T say bad things about it! I LOVE that show and have seen every episode and STILL watch the re-runs!
So, it's the most recent tapings of Family Feud, with John O'Hurley, and it was pretty cool b/c I love the show!! They've got a new lil look and everything. So about the third question in, the question was, "name one thing that a stripper would be upset to have break during her performance!" Um...are we seriously discussing strippers on Family Feud? If you are like me, you are curious of some of the answers, so here they are: the pole, leg/ankle, shoe/heel, music system and two more which I can't remember!! It was unbelievable and I was somehow really shocked that THAT was a question!! Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but like, WOW! (I just remembered another answer...bra!)
I just wanna know when did certain things became SO mainstream???

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I rocked the vote!!

Whenever I vote, I feel so proud!! I voted today and I felt good! I smiled a wide grin as I left the school (I vote at Pimlico Middle School, here in Baltimore City!) Yay, me! And hopefully, YAY, you too!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm a failure!!

I feel very sad about it, but I TOTALLY forgot about posting yesterday!! So, I won't be able to make 30 days of posting!! :--(
Oh well, I can't win any prizes, but let's see if I can still try to post at least once for the rest of the month--for my own personal accomplishment!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


I'm swamped like CRAP at work!! In fact, I'm late for something else...and haven't been in the union office at all this week (I'm a union rep!)! In fact, I'm actually too busy to even be doing this but if not now, when?? Cause I'll PROBABLY forget later!! Oh well! Just had to get my third day in!! Whoo hoo! Tomorrow will be my challenge! Oh and Sunday, but we'll see how I fare!! Whoo!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy November 2!

(I'm going to start having this pic by the first post of every day, so we'll know that I actually DID 30 posts...on 30 different days!! But remember, when we go back to count, I started with this pic on the SECOND day! I don't feel like doing an ETA!)

This morning, I woke up--abruptly! My mom screamed in her sleep!! It woke me up STRAIGHT from a dream--and was very thankful! Why?

Why not?! First of all, I WOKE UP! Someone who went to sleep last night doesn't have that testimony this morning!! Not only did I wake up, I woke up in a bed in a house that had heat and lights! I woke up surrounded by family--mom and brother--who I love and love me and who I didn't have to worry about harming me, in any way, during the night! I took a shower in hot water and dressed in clothes that fit before getting into a car that's mine--well, will be mine in 2010!--and driving to a job where I can be left alone--for the most part--to do my work. I can expect a paycheck to cover the bills I have, with leftovers!--Few for now, but that's not the point! I had lunch and snacks and pretty clean water--I still drink tap! No shame in my game!--and this evening, I'll be able to have dinner! So I woke up thankful!! I told my mom "Today is November 2!" And I've been telling people all day!! We should be happy that it's November 2...NOT because Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away--which means I get to leave MD, and go to Atlantic City for about 40 hours! Whoo hoo!--and not because Christmas is right around the corner! We should be happy that today is November 2 and we are ALIVE! God, thank YOU!!

I'm going to try my best to live a more appreciative life!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ready for Love!

Today is November 1st. Please join me every day this month to see what kind of inane and asinine stuff I can conjure up to share with the world! Today, I've decided to bare my soul!

So, I was listening to India.Arie this morning on the way to work--very upset because I don't know where my Voyage to India CD is, so I had to "settle" for Acoustic Soul--and "Ready for Love" came on. And as I listened to the words, though I've heard the song many, many times before, I've come to the conclusion that I really AM ready for love! I'm ready for love, and all that comes with it. I'm ready for both the joy and pain. I'm ready to bring my voice, my eyes, my soul/mind to a relationship where a man who likes art and music and loves God will appreciate me!

I think emotionally, I'm ready. I'm more "open and available" than I used to be. I was very, stereotypically" guy-ish before. I had to be poked and prodded to share my feelings, but now, not so much! I think mentally, I'm ready. I'm ready to share--I had a VERY selfish stint a little while back--and be giving. I'm more willing to listen. I've got a healthy view of myself; my self-esteem and self-image are both high! I've got a positive outlook on relationships and longevity and marriage and I'm excited to bring that into my next (and hopefully last) relationship!

So, here I am, ready for what?