Thought I had lots to say

A few times in the past few days, I really felt like I had something to say. I wanted to hurry here and post, but it seems I always got distracted! I'll try to remember and give sub-headings. for some reason, I think this will be a long one!

The Tyra Show
Um...Tyra Banks has a talk show? Now, I think she's COOL and all, but just COOL! I mean, would I watch her talk to guests for a hour? Doubtful! I keep trying to watch a whole hour but it never seems to happen! First of all, the topics she has, give me a break! And the runway...I mean, I GUESS that's cute but, um, no thanks! Oh, now I remember WHY I wanted to comment on the Tyra Show. Was ATTEMPTING to support her once again, and Vivica A. Fox came on there! I should have started boycotting her FROM THAT ALONE! So, I'm watching and Vivica's STILL talking about "Curtis" (aka 50 Cent!) PLEASE, Vivica, HONEY, let it go! She was talking about how she had to listen to "Strength, Courage and Wisdom" over and over to allow herself to become strong enough to never again do what she did with him. (whatever that meant!) Um, I'm not 50's number one fan or anything like but. I mean, he's cool! But seriously, Ms. Fox, LET IT GO! I'm pretty sure that he has! And it was actually YEARS ago! Wow! If I were still BITTER from a breakup and famous, I'd hope that my pride would SNATCH the better of me and not allow me to show my bittnerness on every possible medium! She's just the worst! I really am NOT a fan of hers! Never really was, but now it's just spilling over into disgust!

Speaking of that DANG Tyra Banks...let's discuss America's Next Top Model. Um, Nicole? Seriously?? Nicole! She was the best this cycle had to offer? She was better than Bre? Um, I would have preferred Kim over Nicole! I would have even taken Coryn! This should show you how AGAINST Nicole I am! Ok, so that Coryn business was just a cry of desperation, but...seriously, Nicole? I don't think so! I didn't see the last episode, but I'm glad that I didn't because I would have been ANGRY! So...the list of ANTM winners is: Adrienne, Yoanna, Eva, Naima and now Nicole? Sheesh! Why do I even continue to watch this stuff? I should have just TURNED OFF the TV after Adrienne won!

MTB3 (Warning...if you watched Making the Band season 3 but you haven't learned who's in the band, you might wanna skip past this next blurb!)
So, I was outraged TWICE last week! Well, not so much outraged as shocked! First, Nicole then SHANNON! What??? Ok, so the band is Dawn--duh, Aubrey--duh, Aundrea--um, ok, I figured that, Wanita--this was kind of a shock, but sure!, and SHANNON! Seriously, that one threw me off. I couldn't even REMEMBER who she was from the last daggone episode! But other people seem to be ok with this choice (my sister, my dance ministry leader--who LOVED the show. Her entire FAMILY loved the show. She, her daughter AND her husband all watched it!) So I need to re-watch this episode and try to get a better understanding! Because I was QUITE surprised by this choice! Also, I'm so happy that Dominique DIDN'T make it!! It would have been a dumb fit! It would have been the same effect of having Alicia Keys join Destiny's Child. (not necessarily on the same level but the same result!)

Ok, I think that's it for now! If I think of anything else, I'll post again!


PhillyPhile said…
The Tyra Show - I agree with you. I don't know why this show is on. I am trying to give it some time before I make a final judgment however; the show is not that great. I think Tyra needs to find her "thing." It seems as though she is trying to be Oprah lite, but you can't be Oprah lite. What makes Oprah Oprah is that she is heavy. Often times O topics are fluff like everyone else' (Suburban Swingers? come on) But O can move masses and that is why she is doing it. Ellen is funny, Dr. Phil gives it to you raw, but Tyra is bringing nothing new. No wait, on Monday she had a segment called ask my mama, where her mother gave her advise to this sad girl while the three of them sat in a bed wearing PJ and the whole audience had bowls of ice cream and a box of tissues.

ANTM - Since the beginning of this season my friend had been saying that the producer/Tyra has to pick a white girl this season in order to not be jaded towards the "darkies" He said they would take away her TV license, whatever that is. So, I guess she picked the whitest white girl in order to keep her show. However, I think Naima is the only person who deserved to win her season.

MTB3 - I never watched this show until my roommate told me she would watch that Housewives show with me if I watched this debacle. What is the deal with Puffy's obsession for a culturally divers singing group anyway. Does it ever work for long? Spice Girls? O Town? PSD? Remains to be seen. Anyway although I think it would have been an odd fit I would have loved Dominique or Denosh were in the group. One I love the other I love to hate. Maybe they should do a duo group. We don't have any of those around.
Tonyette said…
Can you PLEASE get a freaking blog? That's all I have to say to you PHILLYPHILE!
tearsforwater said…
all i have to say is alicia keys joining destiny's child, excellent analogy. Yeah about Tyra I like her show but if it doesn't grown it will be in the pile with Queen Latifah and Tempesst.

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