not so BLECH/Happy New Year!!!!

So, today is a better day than yesterday, PRAISE GOD! I've come to the conclusion that on this last Friday in 2005--um, excuse me WHERE did the time go???--I'm going to decide, like I've HAD to do all year, to be happy! So, today I'm not SO BLECH! I'm pretty ok. I just came from lunch with my dad. I requested a "Dad & Tonyette" only lunch! Just because! It was good! We talked and I told him that it's all his fault that my life is so tough! LOL! Calm down! Before all you readers are like, "MY GOD, SHE DID WHAT?" I told him that I am 26 and life is tough and that he didn't tell me it would be! (I told my mother the same thing a few weeks ago!) It was nice! But I'm back here (at work, SHEESH!) trying to make this deadline for my team leader! I think I MIGHT be able to have something to give him by the end of the day! Gracious! But thank God for a job!

Also, before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow, it's almost 2006! I can't believe it! Whatever you do, be safe! and remember to thank God for one more year!!! As long as we live, as long as we are here on Earth, we have one more chance to make it--"it" being whatever--right! We have another opportunity to do what it is we are supposed to be doing! Go into 2006 with a plan of action!! I know that's what I will be doing, wherever I decide to go!


tearsforwater said…
Glad to see that you and daddy had a good lunch. I don't mean to bite but I think I should request some time just cause it's necessary. Anyway Happy New Year to you and we get to start fresh! That excites me more that anything.
Tonyette said…
Yes, request that time! It's definitely necessary!
Ms_Kenesha said…
My dad goes out of his way to not spend too much 1 on 1 time with him, my mom thinks I scare him...LOL! Because I am the most outspoken/courageous female in the fam. if you ask me. :)

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