ANTM Cycle 5 Reunion

So, ok, last night I decided to watch the "where are they now" episode of ANTM for the most recent cycle! WHY did I do it? First of all, Tyra is so excited about her new talk show that she decided to have the reunion episode on the set of the Tyra Show! Um, BOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Like I said, I was expecting this to be like a "where are they now" type of show. but it was more like the Real World Reunion shows! I didn't really like that! Instead of just following the girls & seeing what they are doing now, Tyra decides to talk about their feelings since seeing the show and CRAP like that! Get outta here! It was SO wack! And I was even FURTHER upset about the fact that Nicole won! BOOOOOOO! I still cannot believe that she won! Ugh! She's high fashion? Really? Wow! I will say that seeing this show did, however, make me like Coryn more! LOL! She's funny! But maybe that's because I like ignorant stuff! But she's still very masculine looking! It's actually unbelievable! Oh well, I'm talking all this smack and I just KNOW that when the next Cycle starts up, I'll be right there watching!! Especially if the two sexiest-but-so-unavailable-to-me men are on there! Nigel is just yummy! 'Nuff said! But he's married so, he's obviously off limits! and I think that Jay Manuel aka Mr. Jay is cute!! But the platinum hair, eyeliner and shirts that look like they come from Express--NOT the one for men--tell me that he's off-limits to me as well! So, I think that the reason I watch ANTM is the same reason I loved Laguna Beach. Because so many times I watch, I'm like UGH, are you SERIOUS?
One last thing, Kristin Cavallari (from LB) will be co-hosting a show on Fox starting in January. And she was Punk'd! Um...was Laguna Beach that popular, that she became a celeb? Wow, didn't know!


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