Anyone who really knows me, knows that I LOVE me some Mary J. Blige! Well, I was one of the sad ones who was almost upset because she got so happy and drama-free! Dang, where were the songs like "My Life" and "Reminisce" and "I'm Going Down"? But...tonight (for the third night in a row!) I'm up past 1am. I decided to turn on BET After Dark! I really like watching this show because for the most part, there are no FOOLISH videos or songs on here! Plus, everything is mellow! Good show, BET! (for a change! to me, best show since Midnight Love...the OLD Midnight Love!) So the first video tonight/this morning was Mary J.'s new video. Maybe it's called "Can't be without you" & the video features Terrence Howard! I already kind of liked the song, but seeing the video just solidified it for me! I really hope that everyone agrees with me that Mary may be BACK behind this one!! Ok, besides the fact that these days, Mary ALWAYS looks (at awards shows) like she wasn't sure of why she accepted the invitation, I LOVE her forever!! And I hope this--CD, Breakthrough--is the one to bring her back!


tearsforwater said…
first of all you are funny to no end. But yeah she does look like "Why am I here?" I love the song and video. And I am looking forward to this album. SHE'S BAAAACK! (sung so corny)

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