rat cakes...and other mess-ups

So...I'm woke at 2am--which is a PROBLEM considering I should be at work in NO LATER THAN 7.5 hours and I've not even gone to bed yet!! I'm tired and yet I just KEEP on finding things to do on the Internet! And, of course, the TV is still on! I've just finished watching "Ace of Cakes"--which, if you don't watch, combines two of my favorite things BAKING and BALTIMORE!! One of the reasons that I like watching the show is because it makes me feel good as a beginner cake decorator to know that even the PROS have BIG-TIME mess ups!! Sometimes they'll top a cake 3 times...or they'll be stumped when trying to figure out how best to present it (paint the flowers on, or create them from gumpaste, that kind of thing)...it's just great to know that I'm not alone! And it's VERY cool to see all the stuff that can be done with edible ingredients!! I can't WAIT to open my bakery!! Whoo hoo!!

Ok...think I'll head to bed now!!


Jarred said…
Others can't wait for you to open your bakery either, including myself! Just be sure to have plenty of items on the menu that aren't as bad for you (i.e. low sugar/fat). I still haven't forgotten about that cheesecake I bought from you a while ago...SCRUMPTIOUS!
Tonyette said…
Thanks, Mr. Hall!! I'm definitely going to have a "menu page" for the low sugar/fat!! Oh yeah...the cheesecake! I'm glad you STILL have positive thoughts about it!

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