Back to work!!

Today is the first day that I've been at work since Tuesday morning!! Tuesday afternoon, our building--and the federal government, in general--closed at 2pm. (I live in Baltimore and in this area, there have been periods of snow and freezing rain off and on for a few days! Pretty dangerous driving conditions!) Yesterday was a 4 hour delay for my agency, which translates to working 12:30 to 5 and I kindly declined!! So, yesterday, I washed dishes, did the rest of my laundry, a wonderful breakfast (chocolate chip muffin and milk! Yum!) and THEN a wonderful brunch--which was really just breakfast part 2 (yummy times 2), got on the computer for a few hours and then went to visit my friend Kia...who is a schoolteacher in Baltimore City and was experiencing some serious cabin fever!! Ooh, and my mom gave me a beautiful card and very pretty candleholder for a Valentine's day gift--after my brother KINDLY reminded her that she hadn't given us gifts since we were adults!! She bought him a card, too, and a nice mug! It was a very sweet Valentine's day (and my dad told me that he wished I'd been snowed in at his house!! AWW!) and staying home was the icing on the cake!! But back to work and wishing I was home...I have a problem!!


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