OK, so I don't ACTUALLY have frost bite, but it's literally GOT to be below freezing outside!! Or CLOSE!! I mean, WOW!!!!!!!!! At least it seems that way here in Baltimore!! I mean, it's one of those "if I didn't HAVE to leave the house, I wouldn't" days!! It makes me want to go home, have chili with cornbread or biscuits and hot chocolate! (Last night had beef stew with bread from Panera with homemade chocolate chip cookies! YUM!!) Now, I just wish it would snow enough that I could get like a day or two off!! Isn't that terrible...especially considering I was off work for 2.5 days (was out sick)at the end of last week!! Oh well, at least I'm honest!

In other Wednesday is Valentine's day and I'm pretty means that I get to have all the chocolate I want and no one will say anything!! And it means that next Thursday Godiva will have a sale!! I can't wait!!! Any special Feb 14 plans, anyone??


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