No gum at work!!

You know what? I realized that I don't chew gum often at work! And just now, I figured out why: I like to "crack" and "pop" my gum a lot! So, I have on headphones right now, jamming to iTunes as I do my work...and I just popped my gum in so loud that I heard it OVER my music! Um, to myself I say NO MA'AM! Wow!! And this is why I need to not chew gum at work!


PhillPhile said…
Well, my motto is food taste better the louder you eat it. I think it has something to do with allowing air to circulate with the gum. I chew gum all day everyday, loudly. The guy who sits across from me flicks rubber bands at me when I get too loud, but I usually only stop when I get on the phone. Smack away Ms. Tonyette.
Tonyette said…
And the funniest part of YOUR comment is that your office is MUCH more "professional" and "business" than mine is and yet you are ok with this! LOL!!
Jarred said…
You're probably going to think I'm so uncouth but I'll share anyway. Lately, I've been eating sunflower seeds at work. I'm really neat about it, but some of my co-workers have been complaining about the cracking noise. But hey, I hear at your job, people eat crabs at their desk...GO FIGURE!
Tonyette said…
Jarred, oh my GOSH! LOL! And hey, they DON'T eat least not in my building! So I know nothing of that! ;--)
Ericka said…
LOL! YOu are too funny! iTunes at work.

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