Wow, I'm listening to my iTunes here at I do often so as NOT to go insane and "Make Me Whole" by Amel Larrieux just went off! I absolutely LOVE that song and have decided that it will be played on my wedding day, at some point in the day! That song is really how I WANT to feel when I fall in love! WOW!


Ericka said…
First, happy belated birthday! I have my birthdays written down and I've forgotten all the July birthdays. I'm so sorry. Second, what CD is that Amel Larrieux song on? I love her. I have her first two cds, but not this last one.
Tonyette said…
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! I celebrate my birthday for 30 days, so it's still "birthday season" LOL! Also, The song is on "Infinite Possibilities!" I believe it's the very last song.

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