My love letter!

Dear Mr. Jobs & Mr. Fadell,
Please let me express the complete love and joy that I've found in a little white & silver device that weighs less than 5 ounces and has 30GB of memory!! My new iPod has brought such happiness to my has filled a void that I didn't even know was there! Between the iTunes I have at work and at home, my iPod and little teeny earphones, and the FM transmitter that I have for the car, I am now free to JAM at any given moment, no matter where I am and no matter what kind of mood I'm in!! Thank you gentlemen for this wonderful invention! Mr. Fadell, I believe you were one of the first people on the iPod team and for you and your team, I thank the Heavens above!! Because of the iPod, I can listen to the Ying Yang twins and then follow it up with a Jill Scott song and then follow THAT up with a Shekinah Glory song!! Oh the wonder! Oh the thrill!! My life--though this may be a SAD revelation--is now complete!!

Your most appreciative customer!
Tonyette B.


Jarred said…
YES YES YES! What would we do without our I-Pods? I currently have the Nano 4GB - got it less than a year ago, and after a trip to the Apple store, I've been convinced that I need the 60GB Video I-Pod (so I can carry some of my favorite DVDs in my pocket). But yes, I feel your joy - I-Pods are such a beautiful thang!!!!!!!
Toya said…
Girl, thank you for this post! It reminded me to plug mine in so that the battery can be sufficiently charged for use in the gym later.
PhillyPhile said…
I too am and iPod lover. Next to the TiVo, I think it’s the world’s greatest invention. I have a lime green 4-gig iPod mini. I can listen to all of the best of Chere, RuPaul, Madonna, Donna Summers, and Deborah Cox (the dance mixes of course) and not be embarrassed. I too am also thinking of an upgrade. I purchase at least 20 news songs a week via iTunes and my player is full. Nice to know I am not alone.
Soulfull Diva said…
Lucky! I wish I had an Ipod.
Tonyette said…
I'm so happy that everyone knows about the love of iPod and didn't call me a weirdo! And K'nsh, I'm sorry that you don't have one babe!

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