Sex change!

It's official...I'm turning into *LOUD GASP* a girl! LOL! Of course I am anatomically a this shouldn't be headline news or anything!
But yeah, it seems that I'm getting softer and softer and *DEEP BREATH* I wore a dress to church! Now, why is this a big deal...because I honestly don't know when the last time I wore a dress was. Wait, maybe I do; maybe it was last summer! And people, I wore a SUNDRESS with a shrug over it, but a SUNDRESS and heels! Sure, I've worn skirts to church aplenty but it's not often than one can say, "Tonyette looked so pretty in her dress today!" when leaving STCF!!
And today I wore a skirt to work! *Oh my! Ooh!* I rarely do that because I just don't really see the point! I wore all kinds of jewelry and whatnot and look pretty cute!

And I've just been emotional and softy and "feely" and whatnot...and it's NOT been bothering me. Yep, I'm just as shocked as you!


Toya said…
Tonyette said…
When I put on my necklaces and stuff, I thought of your word, "ornamentation!" I thought you'd be proud of me! And THANKS!
Toya said…
I am always proud of anyone who's adding ornamentation. Life's not fun if it's not sparkly!

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