Repeat Performance

Ok, so I was reading one of the entertainment blogs that I read daily and one of the young ladies was commenting on Jennifer Freeman. In case you are like WHO, she's the cute young lady from My Wife and Kids and You Got Served. The blogger was basically joking Jennifer for wearing the same belt and shoes to three different events this month! I was like, so WHAT'S the problem? Because she's a celebrity, she's supposed to buy, or be given, accessories to wear once and then be tossed into the closet? Just because she's being photographed and in the public eye does that mean she can't have a "shoe of the month" and a "belt of the season"? I mean, I know that when I get something I this purse I got for Christmas...I'll "wear it out" until I get tired of it! I mean, literally SINCE Christmas day...except for like 5 or 6 days...I've been carrying that same purse. It's gold and big and has various zippers and rhinestones and whatnot on it! It's gorgeous and I get complimented all the time and MORE importantly, I LOVE IT! So maybe Jennifer recently got that BIG brown belt and the shoes that she obviously loves to wear with it and they are her faves of the moment! I mean, the CLOTHES were different! She always looked cute. So again I ask, what's the problem? This blogger girl is plenty ridiculous! But then again, I should already know that as she thinks Beyoncé can do no wrong! Sheesh!


PhillyPhile said…
What website was it?
Tonyette said…
I think it was YBF--that was Friday and who can remember back that far! (Think the link is on my site!)

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