Those dang FEELINGS!

Today is one of those days that just kind of SUCK but I'm trying to NOT let everything get to me! And I was thinking...I'd love to have some of "platform" to tell the whole world that today sucks...and then I remembered this blog! YAY for blogging!
So, it's Wednesday...which always means meetings and more meetings for my team here at work. And let's be honest, MEETINGS SUCK such BIG LEMONS!'s how my day has been so far.
1) Arrive at work...CAN'T find a legal parking spot so create a parking spot and hope that I don't get a ticket!
2) Come and sign in and HOPE that there's no team meeting today but that's a pointless hope 'cuz my TL like NEVER cancels the meetings!
3) I go to the meeting (after being nearly 15 minutes late to it) and it's long...but not as long as it would be if one of my co-workers weren't OUT! Thank God cause she can TALK!
4) I come back to my desk...I HATE days like today...I've gotten tired of doing this ALREADY!
so, blah blah blah, I have ASL class which OF COURSE runs over! Then, I have a meeting which is like starting in 10 minutes and there's no time to even grab a drink! So I go to the meeting after not having ANYTHING since about 7:30am (and by now it's 1pm...LIGHT YEARS in my book, as far as food is concerned!) So...

Today just kind of sucks but I'm not trying to feel like it sucks! And that's so hard...add on TOP of it that I'm PMS-y and trying to be all "positive" and "sunshine"-y today ain't working! I've got a headache and I feel kinda out of sorts! BOO!! This womps!! (Special shout-out to C-Dub!) And earlier I felt like crying...RIDICULOUS! And I've been trying to fast (our church does it every Wednesday) but I'm SO hungry! GOSH *in the style of Napoleon D* And I've been falling asleep and don't realize it until I wake up. When will the madness end? Oh yeah...probably around Tuesday!


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