I'm in love with a stripper...

Is anyone else DEEPLY concerned with the inordinate number of songs that talk about, or seem aimed at, strippers? "I'm in love with a stripper" (or depending on where you live/what radio station you listen to "...a dancer"). I've pretty much come to realize that "Laffy Taffy" at least MENTIONS strippers. And it seems like ANY song by the Ying Yang Twins are for/about strippers and strip clubs! Why?

But then again...when I think about the artists who sing/rap these songs, I THINK it may have the littlest bit to do with the fact that any "action" they might get from women may only really be from someone getting PAID to deal with them! (I hope that doesn't sound TOO mean!) But still...CHILL on the stripper songs, please!


PhillyPhile said…
I have picked up on the overabundence of stripper songs. The sad thing is the message that it sends to young girls. No offense to any dancers out there but I think its a sad thing when someone says I want to be a stripper when I grow up.
Tonyette said…
It's kind of unbelievable...this whole STRIPPER song phenomenon! As for wanting to grow up to be one...I won't even go there!

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