Ok, so yes, I will admit, I was one of the FOOLS who fell in love with the show The Flavor of Love. Why? For the same reason that I used to watch Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. Because so many times I just sit in amazement and wonder "are you serious?" about so many of the characters. Though these shows claim to be REALITY TV there are always plenty of CHARACTERS! Once again, I came to discover the show late! So I only saw it from when there were about 8 or so women. Ok, although she is completely NUTS, I really wanted New York to win. I mean, why would anyone want Hoopz to end up with Flavor Flav? Seriously? That's why I hoped last night that Hoopz aka Nikki would lose. But she didn't and of course Flav picked her. Ok and raise your hand if you were upset that he gave her GOLD FRONTS! *Tonyette raises both hands and attempts to stand on one leg in order to raise one foot, too* Sheesh! I mean, the show was very funny but at the same time a bit sad. Is this really what TV has become?


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