Mission Get HEALTHY!

So...I've decided, one and for all that it's REALLY time to get healthy! I do need to lose weight and I want to overall just be healthy! So, inspired by one of my nfew favorite bloggers (and southern friend, at least in my mind, Kimberly each week, I'm going to post something related to this new mission of mine! At first I was gonna call it "Project Get Healthy" but I need to make it my MISSION from here on out! Not only do I need to do this because I'm back up, on the wrong side of 250, I'm a worship-dancer and so it would make sense that I'm in shape! Plus, I would like to, if time allows, get back into modeling. My agent told me a while back that my goal was a "comfortable 14"...clearly I only heard the "comfortable" part! :0)

I think that this weekend, I'm going to see how many ways I can creatively cook vegetables! My mom and I have been talking about getting healthier and she was all excited about veggie lasagna! I also discovered that Safeway sells my favorite new vegetable, Brussel spouts, fresh! Whoo hoo! So hopefully I'll be making some wise food decisions! My body has kindly let me know, over the past few weeks, that the kind of eating that I did in college is no longer acceptable! So...I'm going to be changing the way I eat. Each week in my post, I'll plan to share a "good decision of the day".

Today's "good decision of the day": I chose to eat salmon, rice & squash for lunch instead of corned beef & fries or chip like I wanted!

Here's to getting healthy!


Fashion Momma said…
Get it, girl!!! I am sooo into cooking so please lean on me for recipes! You have my email! ;) you're an extraordinary woman who's capable if amazing things and don't forget it!!! Thanks for linking up!

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