Mission Get HEALTHY! (Week 2)

I missed my post on Friday, doing lots of running around, so I'll do it today!! I went to the grocery store on Friday and was very proud of myself! So, my "good decision of the day" was to buy a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits! I bought (hardly) any junk food and I think I can make it on a "less meat, more veggies" diet. My body is reacting very negatively to most meat these days anyway...and I don't even eat much, mostly poultry and fish. And eating out (fast food anyway) seems to be a thing of the past! Oh well, I look forward to all the different things I'll now try because of my mission to get healthy! Next up, I hope that the next post will be me saying "I finally got back on my elliptical"! Yes, I own one! No, I haven't been on it in years! :0( I'm ashamed! But I'll be back on soon! And I think I want to join somewhere so I can swim!


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