Happy Holidays

So...it's December 21! That means that (this year anyway) Hanukkah has passed, Christmas is on the way, New Year's Eve & Kwanzaa aresoon to follow!! This year I have learned, more than ever, that it truly IS about sharing time with family and beloved friends!! Make sure that during this holiday season you let everyone that you love KNOW that you love them! You don't have to buy expensive trinkets to show that love--my family is getting love, laughter...and some baked goods if I feel like it! Call someone, visit someone or send a card--handwritten...but an e-card will still be nice, if you have to go that way!

Remember why we celebrate at this time! It's not about the fat man in the red suit! Whatever, and Whoever, you believe...go back to THAT and celebate it this Holiday season! (I believe in God...so I celebrate Jesus' birth! No, I don't know if he was born on December 25 or sometime in the spring...but I DO believe He was born so that's why I celebrate!! It means that I have a chance at new life!)

Happy Holidays everyone!


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