Cold season

I named this post "cold season" for two reasons!
1) It's the season where it's starting to be cold! and
2) it's the season where people--including me!--start to CATCH colds!!
Last night, I was feeling extra "stuffy" in the nose area...and I was rummaging through my junk drawer--you know, the one that has everything!! It's the one in my room, not in the kitchen though! It has my extra medicine, cords for cell phones and whatnot and whatever else I throw in there! Well I found a jar of Vicks Vapo looked like I'd had it a while! The poor jar was all beat and battered! But, maaan, I put some on my nose and it worked just like I remember back in the day!! Oh, it made me so happy!! I was breathing like a charm again...well, for about 5 minutes at least. I just kept re-applying!! Thank you VICKS!


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