The OFFICIAL late twenties birthday was two days ago and it was one of the best birthdays yet!! I turned 28 and so I'm officially in my late 20s...if I wasn't already!! I had a wonderful day...full of beautiful cards, text messages, phone calls and in-person wishes as well! I went to lunch with some friends--which was bittersweet! The food was good (always is at Friendly's!) but we saw ANTS and that was disgusting! Then, later in the day (I went to work...I didn't take off like some folks do!) I went to dinner and then to the movies with some good friends!! I saw "Transformers" and it was really good...the way that they actually transformed was the hardest part of the movie to me!! I would definitely recommend that people see it!!

So...two years to 30!! And I'm excited about it!!


PhillyPhile said…
Um, Tonyette, you described the way the Transformers change as “hard.” I am just trying to understand if the term was used as it was difficult for you to understand or as slang meaning best. If it’s the latter, I have not heard anyone use the term “hard” in years. You are truly showing our age when you used terms like that.
Tonyette said…
LOL!! I completely feel like you are JOKING me...but I did mean "hard" as "slang for best"! LOL!! My friends and I still say "hard" and so what if we are all 24 and older! LOL! I don't feel the need to compete with these young kids!
Toya said…
Happy belated birthday, honey!

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