No wings...

...on the first date! I changed my mind!! Ok, let me back up! I was talking to some of my friends (over plates of wings from Murray's) and wanted to know if they were going to be the types to order wings on the first date or a sensible start the meal, of course!! (My friends and I love chicken wings, especially buffalo wings and usually get them every time we go out to dinner for appetizers!) Most of them said "no wings on the first date" and I was like "y'all are all wack!! You are going to be fake! That ain't right!" (Yes, BAD English but so what!)I said, "wings for me, please!" One friend said "But all that crap gets under your nails!" (I have acrylic real ones are too short to even worry about!) Fast forward to tonight; I just had the best Buffalo wings I've had in a LONG time!! However, even AFTER I washed my hands, there was plenty of CRAP UNDER MY NAILS!! wings for me on the first date!! I don't want to spend an hour flicking "stuff" from under my nails!!

(and NO this was not that important an announcement but I hadn't posted in a while, so hey!)


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