So...my mother wants me to get married and give her grandchildren SOON!!! How do I know? Well, for starters she has bought me--or perhaps she brought it from work. I'm not really sure if she paid for it!--not one but TWO bridal magazines!! And not like two at the same time in a "I was in this kind of mood" situation, but two DIFFERENT times!! She's also always talking about how her sisters and friends are grandmothers and she's not!! (She's the oldest of her sisters and has the oldest grandchildren and among her friends, my mom has some of the oldest children) She even mentioned wanting to go to a bridal show together!! And the weird part is that I'm as equally ALL FOR IT!! What's weird about all this...well, I don't have a steady boyfriend or anyone that my mom could potentially have in mind!! I mean, should I feel some kind of pressure or need to rush?! I'm thinking so!!!


Tiombe said…
Parents have a funny way of subtly, or not so subtly hinting toward the whole grandparent thing, but rest assured they want it to be with the right person for you...so always keep that in mind. In my opinion, a woman doesn't even need to think about marriage until she is 30 because there are so many things to see out there in the World......enjoy every day, things happen when and how they are supposed to!

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