Happy April 30

Today is April 30 and that means...well, nothing special!! It's just a beautiful day; the sun is shining and I'm alive!! So YAY for today!! So, let's see...what's new with me? Well, wedding mania has begun for me! My FAVORITE cousin on the planet, Nikki, got married on April 21st!! My sister is getting married May 12! One of my dance ministry sisters and her husband are renewing their vows in mid-June. Another cousin is getting married at the end of June. Lastly, my friend Angie is getting married July 21!! (The weddings that I mentioned with specific dates...I'm part of the wedding party!!) Weddings are beautiful things BUT they can be costly to be a part of!! On DRESSES alone this year, I've spent over $500...and I'm not even the one getting married! But it's ok!! Yay for love and marriage and all that comes with it! And speaking of weddings, I guess my mom has rubbed off on me...I had a moment of weakness and bought a Modern Brides magazine this weekend!! It's really thick (like Vogue) and has lots of EXPENSIVE ideas (again, like Vogue) but it's stuff that can be done just as nicely with a smaller budget! It's fun looking through the mags and "planning" for my wedding!! Hey, I'm just trying to get better with advanced preparation!! At least, that's what I tell myself when I'm looking online at reception sites! LOL!


Kim said…
Be sure to post some pics from your sister's wedding. There's nothing I love more than wedding pictures (except for baby pictures). :-)

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