Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Those dang FEELINGS!

Today is one of those days that just kind of SUCK but I'm trying to NOT let everything get to me! And I was thinking...I'd love to have some of "platform" to tell the whole world that today sucks...and then I remembered this blog! YAY for blogging!
So, it's Wednesday...which always means meetings and more meetings for my team here at work. And let's be honest, MEETINGS SUCK such BIG LEMONS!'s how my day has been so far.
1) Arrive at work...CAN'T find a legal parking spot so create a parking spot and hope that I don't get a ticket!
2) Come and sign in and HOPE that there's no team meeting today but that's a pointless hope 'cuz my TL like NEVER cancels the meetings!
3) I go to the meeting (after being nearly 15 minutes late to it) and it's long...but not as long as it would be if one of my co-workers weren't OUT! Thank God cause she can TALK!
4) I come back to my desk...I HATE days like today...I've gotten tired of doing this ALREADY!
so, blah blah blah, I have ASL class which OF COURSE runs over! Then, I have a meeting which is like starting in 10 minutes and there's no time to even grab a drink! So I go to the meeting after not having ANYTHING since about 7:30am (and by now it's 1pm...LIGHT YEARS in my book, as far as food is concerned!) So...

Today just kind of sucks but I'm not trying to feel like it sucks! And that's so hard...add on TOP of it that I'm PMS-y and trying to be all "positive" and "sunshine"-y today ain't working! I've got a headache and I feel kinda out of sorts! BOO!! This womps!! (Special shout-out to C-Dub!) And earlier I felt like crying...RIDICULOUS! And I've been trying to fast (our church does it every Wednesday) but I'm SO hungry! GOSH *in the style of Napoleon D* And I've been falling asleep and don't realize it until I wake up. When will the madness end? Oh yeah...probably around Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm in love with a stripper...

Is anyone else DEEPLY concerned with the inordinate number of songs that talk about, or seem aimed at, strippers? "I'm in love with a stripper" (or depending on where you live/what radio station you listen to "...a dancer"). I've pretty much come to realize that "Laffy Taffy" at least MENTIONS strippers. And it seems like ANY song by the Ying Yang Twins are for/about strippers and strip clubs! Why?

But then again...when I think about the artists who sing/rap these songs, I THINK it may have the littlest bit to do with the fact that any "action" they might get from women may only really be from someone getting PAID to deal with them! (I hope that doesn't sound TOO mean!) But still...CHILL on the stripper songs, please!

Monday, March 27, 2006

It's not TV...

So, there's a new show on HBO called Big Love. Now when I saw the previews for it, I must admit that I was SO confused and yet a little intrigued. I was pretty sure that I was going to watch it. Oh well, I forgot about it..until it was on when I was flipping through the channels. So, of course now I'm hooked! It's YET another one of those shows that I wonder why I watch but then it's so different from the life I lead that I MUST watch it.

If you don't know what it is, it's about a guy named Bill Henrickson (played by Bill Paxton. For some reason, I always feel some kind of way about people who play characters with the same name as their real name!) Bill has three wives: wife #1 is Barb (played by Jeanne Tripplehorn). Bill and Barb have 3 children. Wife #2 is Nicki (played by Chloe Sevigny...who makes me CRINGE almost every time I see her!) Bill and Nicki have 2 boys. Wife #3 is Margene (played by Ginnifer Goodwin). Bill and Margene also have 2 boys together. In addition to 3 wives and 7 children, who are from ages, say, 17 to about 6 months, Bill is also the owner of Henrickson Home Plus and has just opened a second store. (Think Lowe's or Home Depot!) He and his family live in 3 homes, that are right next to one another and yet their back yards all seem to face each other or something weird like that, in the suburbs of Salt Lake City. They've recently moved to this neighborhood and are trying to keep their family's true makeup a secret from neighbors. It's funny cause only Nicki and Bill were raised in an environment that embraced polygamy but she seems to be the MOST outrageous about the whole situation. The other two women were introduced to it upon meeting Bill. And the family isn't technically practicing any religion right now. (I didn't know until very recently but polygamy is banned by the Mormon church, but there are still people who practice it. In addition, the state of Utah made it illegal.) Anyway, the women take "turns" and each get a night with him. So one night is Barb. the next is Nicki. Then, Margene...and it repeats.

All the women are so different! Barb is what you'd consider a regular "suburban wife/mom" kind of woman. She's got a job and has 3 children and is just balancing all that comes with having a nutty family and a husband who is self-employed and all of that jazz. Nicki is RIDICULOUS! She's very materialistic, but I guess growing up in a compound where your dad is the leader and your mom is like 90 but your dad's youngest wife is like 7 but then you get married and FINALLY you can wear something besides prairie-wear, even though you DON'T, might do that to you! On last night's episode, she was trying to give her son a birthday party at some HOTEL & RESORT...inviting over 150 people and all this ridiculous crap. Bear in mind that her son was turning like 5 and that her husband told her that they were all going to have to sacrifice b/c of the new houses and the new store just getting up and running. Her husband was like I THINK NOT to the party! So it ended up being in their back yards and in Nicki's house. And there were still SO many people and yet like 4 kids (that weren't siblings!) Even the poor birthday boy asked Barb if his mom had invited any kids! ROFL! Nicki = ridiculous! Margene is like 10! I mean, she's the youngest wife and she's always "playing" with Bill (and Barb's) son, Ben, who is about 17. Seriously, Margene has to be like 20! Bill just bought her a car...aqua cause that's what she wanted! And she's so whiny. She's kinda ridiculous, too. Suffice it to say that Barb is my favorite wife of all the sister-wives--which is what ALL of the women on the show who share a husband, b/c there are several families on the show that practice polygamy--call themselves! Um...EW!! There is something creepy about that to me. The show is just DIFFERENT and there are some moments that are just uncomfortable, but it's so funny and I am going to enjoy watching it! It comes on Sundays at 10p EST! Check it out!

Monday, March 13, 2006


Ok, so yes, I will admit, I was one of the FOOLS who fell in love with the show The Flavor of Love. Why? For the same reason that I used to watch Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. Because so many times I just sit in amazement and wonder "are you serious?" about so many of the characters. Though these shows claim to be REALITY TV there are always plenty of CHARACTERS! Once again, I came to discover the show late! So I only saw it from when there were about 8 or so women. Ok, although she is completely NUTS, I really wanted New York to win. I mean, why would anyone want Hoopz to end up with Flavor Flav? Seriously? That's why I hoped last night that Hoopz aka Nikki would lose. But she didn't and of course Flav picked her. Ok and raise your hand if you were upset that he gave her GOLD FRONTS! *Tonyette raises both hands and attempts to stand on one leg in order to raise one foot, too* Sheesh! I mean, the show was very funny but at the same time a bit sad. Is this really what TV has become?