Time flies

Today is December 31, 2013! Wow! As the title indicates, I'm sitting here thinking about how time flies! I haven't blogged in a while! So, let's see if I can play "catch up" in this posting. My beautiful daughter, the lovely Lady Eden, was born on September 4 at 11:38am. It was a quick and easy delivery. Labor wasn't too bad, either, more discomfort than anything else. My entire pregnancy (though I did develop gestational diabetes) was pretty great and was really an answer to my prayers! Eden has been a joy and delight to raise. Sure, she's only (as of tomorrow) 17 weeks, but hey...those can be tough times for new parents! She's so pleasant and peaceful. She sleeps well (now, for the most part, PRAISE GOD!) and eats even well-er! LOL! I honestly still can't believe that I'm a mom or that my husband is a dad; it's CRAZY! But, it's super! She has made the three of us a family! I mean, sure we were a family before she was born. But...she's added a new and wonderful element.

In 6 months and 3 days, I'll be 35. That is crazy and strange and exciting! I'm looking forward to all that being able to say "I'm 35" will bring! I don't know exactly what, but I anticipate SOMETHING!

In the past year, friends have gotten married. Others are now expecting. Tons of stuff has happened in 2013. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me, my family and friends.

Happy New Year!


Tiffany said…
YAY!!! 2013 was definitely an eventful year! Also looking forward to all 2014 has to bring! :-) Love you!

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