SHE'S on the way!!!

So, as promised, I am back with an update about our BABY!! As you may have guessed from the title, we'll be having a baby GIRL!! Oh my goodness...we are giddy! Though my husband and I kept saying, "We want a boy"...we were THRILLED when the, uh "ultrasound tech"--that's what she is, right??--said, "I don't see any boy parts. I think we have a baby girl!" I think the real joy was just knowing that SHE is real!! Seeing her feet, legs, arms, heart beating (again) and hearing it (again)...knowing her little weight--she's not yet a lb! BUT, it does seem she's already above the average weight of, uh, a fetus, her size--just made it even more exciting! We had already picked out we were prepared, either way. We can now use her name around the house--we have decided not to reveal her name to everyone, probably until she's born. We can say "she" and "her"; it makes it all so real!! A real THRILL, that is!!

Seeing my husband's reaction to & preparation for her brings another level of joy that I, quite honestly, didn't expect to feel! One day, as usual, he called to see how I was doing. I responded & then he asked about "my daughter". Wow! I could cry now just thinking about it! It's an amazing feeling, knowing that he is so ready to love this baby girl that we created! He declared, as I was STILL laying down on the, uh, "sonogramming table?"--seriously, why can't I think of any terms today--that she IS already a princess and that he WILL be spoiling her! Yes, sir! that THAT is all cleared up...!! LOL! Actually, though, it's an incredible thing and I hope that she--and all other girls we have/adopt & raise--will be "Daddy's girls" who will expect nothing less than what their Heavenly Daddy, first and foremost, and their "natural" daddy gave them! Shoot, she'll be my princess, too, and I plan to treat her that way, as well!

Now, admittedly, I'm not known for being the girliest of girls, but...I am looking forward to raising a daughter...sharing with her the same bond that my mother and I have...but still letting it be "our own special bond" and my daughter.I'm looking forward to, and at the same time, nervous as all heck about, loving, teaching, encouraging, supporting, disciplining, guiding and helping to mold her into a woman who loves God, herself, family & friends. I want her to be a woman who knows who she is in Christ and who He created her to be. I want her to know why He made her and her purpose for being here. I don't want her to have to suffer some of the things I had to suffer through, trying to "figure life out". I want her to know she's awesome, from the moment she's born...and never lose sight of that! Anyone who won't foster her "awesome, special, greatness" doesn't get to be around her, point blank! I plan to strictly enforce that and I'm sure my husband feels the same way--but I should probably verify that with ensure we are on the same page! I have, as I'm sure most any parent has, such high aspirations for just be...better than me. I already want more for her than myself. I feel myself changing, knowing that she's coming! It excites me...and has me ready to see what raising her will me, in my husband...even in my mom & parents-in-law, who will all be first time grandparents!

She's a GIRL...and we can't wait to see her!!
21 weeks down...19 to go! (I'm hoping she's right on time! Or a bit early!...Being 41 or 42 weeks pregnant...ain't nobody got time for that!!)


Tia said…
My beautiful Baby Toot!!!! I can't wait to meet Baby Hall!!! I'm sure she is going to be absolutely beautiful and all around awesome!!!! She will be a wonderful addition to "The Army", HAHAHAHA!!!
Tiffany said…
I can't wait to meet her either! YAY Baby Hall!
Jason said…
Congrats! I too have a baby girl on the way. Oh, how things will change.

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