18 Weeks!

That's how far along I am in my pregnancy: 18 weeks...today! That means in two weeks, we get to find out if this is a baby boy or girl! That also means in 22 weeks, give or take, my little bundle of JOY will be arriving! My husband and I are thrilled beyond words! I figured that I would be happy when I got pregnant, but I didn't imagine it would be like this! It's so exciting and weird and awesome being pregnant. My body has been, sometimes, all the same, and other times, SO. VERY. DIFFERENT!

Thankfully, I haven't gained much weight. God really answered my prayer with that one! Seriously! I have enough, thank you very much! So, I didn't need more! My doctor actually gave me the OK not to gain any! Since she said that, I first lost seven pounds...but then I FOUND all seven and 1 more! Since she said don't gain any, I've gained one pound! If you ask me, not bad for being 4 and a half months pregnant! I've started wearning maternity clothes, not exclusively, but they've been incorporated into my wardrobe, slowly but surely.

Part of what has made this pregnancy so exciting is seeing how excited other people are for us! People who barely show emotion are gushing all over the place! It's pretty amazing to witness. Folks are talking to my stomach! Some are asking how the baby is or telling me to tell the baby "hi" and other things! It's rather funny!! I'm also touched by it! There are some very loving people in my life and it makes me happy!

Now, of course, there is the TOUCHING issue! I think the fact that most people who know me do know that I'm...rather disinterested in unsolicited touching and already know to be on alert when it comes to touching me, in general, has helped out a lot! Thankfully, no seriously, THANKFULLY, no strangers have even made it seem like they are about to touch! I, honestly, am not sure of how I would handle that...but again, I'm just glad that I haven't had to deal with it so far.

I've tried very hard not to be "all pregnancy talk, all the time"...but it can be hard! :0)

I'm going to try to blog more...and I'll be sure to come back with updates about Baby! At least, for sure, once I know the gender!


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