The things people do...

I haven't posted in a really long time--LOTS GOING ON (busy at work, husband & I moved...OH AND A BABY ON THE WAY!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!)

I'm hoping to be able to blog more this year...I actually really like writing and would like to do it more often! With that said, I felt compelled to write today!

The last few weeks, well months really, people have been amazing me...and NOT in a positive way! I have been wondering...what drives most people? Why do people do the things that they do?!

I'm convinced that, for some people, it's an unhealthy self-centeredness! What do I mean by this? If "you"--"you" here being anyone to whom this is applicable--are only focused on the things that are happening in your world, and you can't seem to grasp that there is an entire world of things going on around you, you may have an enlarged sense of self. To me, this is different than someone who is just selfish! Selfish people know, for example, that you have a need (maybe money or food), and they don't care. They still won't help, even if they can! Someone who is self-centered, in the sense that I've been talking about, wouldn't even realize that you have a need because, after all, his car needs repairing or her son needs new tennis shoes (sneakers, for those who may not live in Baltimore! LOL!). I see this form of self-centeredness all around me. It worries me and it also stumps me because I'm not built that way. (This is not "horn-tooting"...I'm merely saying that I literally can't understand people who are wired this way.)

Some people, they operate out of the need to please others. It's almost in direct opposition to being self-centered. This need to people-please worries and saddens me...and the funny thing is that I can SO relate to it! I only recently stopped letting myself be driven by the need to please everyone around me. These days, if God is pleased, that's all I need! (Of course, I always make sure that everything I do has my husband's OK, but I don't live my life trying to gain his "approval". What a sad marriage, for ME, if I did!)  Now, if others are happy, that's a latent bonus for me! I see this, the need to please people, all around me, as well. People are buying gifts they can't afford & wearing clothes they don't even like all to gain someone else's approval. I'm deeply grieved whenever I see someone striving for the approval of someone, especially because usually it's someone whose opinion shouldn't matter OR it's someone who probably won't approve, no matter what you do!

I've just been people-watching and doing a bit of people-analyzing...and doing lots of thinking! I don't have any solutions or things to offer, as of for now, this is just thoughts!


Tiffany said…
You know I've struggled with the need to please others too! But I know for those of us who really love Jesus and choose Him, it's about getting to the place where you really just want to please Him. And I think it's different for everyone. You really made me think with your post though - do I sometimes fall into the other category too? I try not to, but you've definitely heightened my awareness! It's good to see you post again. Keep 'em coming!

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