Aging like a fine wine!

I can "feel" myself getting older! NO! I can't literally feel my bones or skin or anything changing! LOL! But...I can just sense the changes that I'm going through (emotionally, mentally, and yes, some physically) and I gotta say...I'm digging it!
There are things that REALLY excite me now, that just a few years ago, I'd never give a flip about! The idea of decorating my house (the new one that the hubby and I are about to get! I'm speaking it into existence!) is the most thrilling thing to think about these days! I'm like, "ooh, what colors do I want for the master bedroom?" Or, I'll see something in Target and be like "OOH, I could put this in the formal living room"! Or see a throw rug or a pillow somewhere and think "WOW! This would be SO much fun in the family room!" I have to laugh at myself, sometimes!

Another thing: While I still LOVE my fashion blogs (especially the ones by/for plus size women!)...I'm really getting into food blogs! It only makes sense seeing how much I love, love, LOVE to eat! It was probably only a matter of time before I started to get into food blogs! And that has led me to a few blogs where the writers talk about other things, like DIY projects! I'd really love to try to DIY...something! I've been talking about that for a few years. I really want to and soon!

What else? I'm finding myself saying "I don't think I should wear that! I'm too old for that!" and I'm ok with it! Certain trends are for the 18-year-olds. I haven't been one of those in 15 years...and I'm cool with it! I'm embracing my 30s. I think I'm getting better (wiser, more confident, more settled and hey, I'm even prettier! least I think so!) as I get older! I am already anticipating my "fabulous at 40" party! I'll start dropping hints to The Husband in about 2 years! LOL! Give him a good long time to prepare!

I figure, since I have to get older anyway...I may as well embrace and enjoy it!


Tia said…
Are certain trends for 18 year olds, Yetty?! Are you aging like FINE WINE??!! LOL!!!
You are such an older lady, but it brings me great joy!!! I'm looking forward to my 40th birthday as well, but the one I'm extra hyped about is my 60th!! What?!! That's when you get your classic Older Black Woman tappered hair cut! #Fierce :-)
Tiffany said…
I really loved this blog Ton! You betta embrace your 30s girl! As for "aging like fine wine", girl, you are Mama Glo's daughter for sure. :-D

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