Mission Get Healthy!

So, I haven't done a post dedicated to getting healthier (and also losing weight) in a LONG time! But it doesn't mean I've aborted this mission! In fact, just today I applauded myself for making a wise food decision! I felt like I was craving an "all bad foods" lunch! The cafeteria in my building at work pretty much offers the same menu each week! I knew today would offer the option to get a reuben. I had envisioned a reuben and chips (or fries!), along with an orange soda. Well, one, I don't need the soda because it breaks me out! (My acne is still in "active" mode, even at the age of 32! Boo to that one! Boo, I say!) But, I also recognize that I don't need the added calories! So...instead of an "all bad" lunch, I think I made some wiser choices! I got the salmon (on which they always do a great job!), a vegetable medley (a bit different today: broccoli, carrots and chickpeas!! Yum) and some sweet potato cornbread. I chose water as a my drink (with some Crystsal Light to add flavor to the water!) I am proud of myself for my choice! Not only was the food delicious, but I also feel full without feeling the accompanying misery or shame! So...yay me for a healthier choice! Last night I went to Chick-Fil-A and only got the "Charbroiled and fruit" salad. I really wanted a #2, value-sized! But I refrained! I'm making wiser choices and I'm proud! Whoot to me! Here's to getting healthier (and a little skinnier!)


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