Today is November 5, 2008. As of almost 12 hours ago (I started this at 10:55am)...the 44th President of the United States of America will be former Senator Barack Obama!! Yesterday--since it was a HISTORIC moment, I want to be able to re-tell as much of it as I can--I wore a beige button down shirt and denim capris with my beige "Eskimo" boots and a black Old Navy long sleeve jacket to pick up my mother. She and I went to vote together. She had on her beige and black jacket, with black pants and white tennis shoes (sneakers for those of you who prefer that word!)

My mom was carrying a little black umbrella! I picked her up on my lunch break from work and we drove the two minute drive fron her house to the JCC on Park Heights Avenue to vote together! I was so excited that morning that I had already cried when my friend Aly texted me and said she'd voted, just after 7am. I was proud that my mom chose to go vote with me. She told me that she hadn't voted in years! She was determined yesterday, however, to make her voice heard and we went together!! I could tell she was a bit nervous because everything was so new. The last time she'd voted, you had to use paper and pencil! While we waited in the very SHORT line--our polling place has three precincts in one room but our precinct had the shortest line! Thank God for that...I WAS on lunch!--we both received our "I voted" stickers! We were proud! When we were done voting, we both kept smiling a wide "can't wipe it away" grin! I dropped her off and came back to work proud that my voice...and my mom's voice... HAD been heard! I had been praying for Senator Obama, his family and friends and even his campaign employees! I knew that this time, our country would get it RIGHT!! I literally had no doubt that he would become our very next president!!

In fact, I wasn't even keeping up with the numbers originally because I had no worries! When I got in the house, I was watching "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?". My mother called me at 11pm...and I knew what that meant! It meant that a CHANGE WAS HERE!! I answered and she said "oh my goodness! He won!" I could hear her smiling her beautiful smile through the phone! I know her "I'm so excited that I don't know whether to laugh or cry" tone and she definitely had that tone going on when she called me!! I remember thinking "he'll make a wonderful speech" but then, apparently, the peace must have really taken over! I fell asleep soon after and didn't wake up until 3am! By then, I saw that I'd had 6 text messages! I turned to one of the channels that I knew would tell me the GOOD NEWS and saw it...saw that the next President will be Barack Obama! The tears immediately started spilling from my eyes!! Lord have mercy!! A change IS here!! The excitement for me is two-fold! I am excited as a Black woman in this country! I definitely thought I'd be older than 29 when I saw the first non-White president elected! But I'm also excited because I know this is indicative of a spiritual shift that God has ordained for this time!! Never before this moment has my anticipation for great things been so paramount!! I don't know what will happen next!! But I'm thrilled about the future!


janeeholly said…
sooooooo didn't know you were a blogger. I have a blogspot too! But it's ultra professional and I haven't used it in a while. I blog on xanga though...yay for bloggers!

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