Changes/What's Next...

I haven't blogged in a little while, so I figured now is a fine time, since it seems like I'm the only person on my entire FLOOR right now!!

Where to start...let's see...this year is 2008, a year that my pastor/church declared as the "Year of Promotion"! I think so many people got it WRONG and figured "promotion" = "more money" but it means, at least to me, so much more than that!! This year, I have accomplished a LOT and I think that I have been promoted!! To start the year off, I became a model! Yeah! (Shameless PLUG for Signature Ink Modeling Company!!) In the last 9 months, in addition to that, I have lost almost 20 lbs and about the same in inches, moved into my own apartment, enrolled in a mentoring program for those in dance ministry and gotten increased responsibilities on my job!! I have become more confident in who I am, even less worried about who doesn't like it and I'm happier than I've been in a LONG time! My joy HAS BEEN restored! A lot has changed around (and to) me recently, but I'm adjusting to it wonderfully, if I say so myself! I know that more change is on the way and I'm actually really excited about all of it!! God has been SO good this year that even in the moments that didn't feel like promotion, I didn't doubt Him! (Ok...not as MUCH as I used even that is growth!!)

So, since it's only October...I anticipate even more exciting things coming my (and my family and friends') way before this year is over!! Over the next few weeks into the next month, I've got three fashion shows coming up! (Let me know if you want to attend any!! ESPECIALLY the VIth Sense: Fashion! Signature Ink's 6th anniversary show! IT WILL be hot! DON'T MISS IT!) I am going to be volunteering again for the Maryland Race for the Cure (to aid in the research for a cure for breast cancer!). I will be taking a class at work that will give me more credentials and I'm just excited!


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