7 years...

and counting! So, yesterday was the 7-year anniversary of my starting to work for the Social Security Administration! Yay to me!! I can't believe it's been that long already...which means I've been out of college for 7 years, too!! (That thought made me weep, just a little bit!) It seems like yesterday when I was nervous about my mom, stepdad and brother leaving me on the 2nd floor of Plaza Hall (at UMES) wondering what to eat for dinner that first night. Now, 11 years have passed and here I am sitting and wondering where did the time go! I'm pretty proud to say, in this day and age, that I've been at my job for 7 years. So many people I know that are around my age are on their 6th job. (No diss...we all must find ourselves!!) Though, at SSA, seven years is baby stuff. Some of my co-workers have been here for 30 years or more. It still amazes me that my team leader started his career here when my mother was in her teens! But hey, it's a great employer...you get all kinds of leave options and holidays and pretty much can't get fired!! So...here's to SSA and me...a beautiful relationship (until I get my own business! Then I'm OUT!)


Jarred said…
Congratulations Tonyette! You said it...longevity with a job (especially with people in our age range) is rare these days. I had been with my employer for over six years (keep in mind that I'm only 26), and would probably still be there had I not been laid off! That likely wouldn't have happened if I had a cushy government job like you :-).

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