Six Quirky Facts about me

So, I have been tagged by my friend Toya (Life of a Ladybug--check her out!) and it took me a while (basically, to narrow it DOWN to six! I think I'm pretty quirky!)

1. I have pretty good command of my toes/feet! If something drops on the floor and I can't reach...I'll pick it up with one of my feet!

2. (I've mentioned this one before) I talk to myself...a lot. Conversations, notes to self or just whatever! I do it everywhere, too! At the market, walking in to work, wherever. Should I be worried about this? I don't think so!

3. Although I love to cook and bake, I'm too scared to open those cans that biscuits and cinnamon rolls come in. I hate the "pop" sound they make! I ask my mother or someone else around to open it. My mom asked, "what will you do when you get married?" I said, "Ask my husband! I'll cook dinner...his one job will be to OPEN the biscuits!"

4. In my cubicle at work, I don't have any personal items. I don't have any pictures or cute little sayings, posters or calendars. You'd come into my cube and wonder if it's my first, or perhaps last, day!

5. I may have a touch of OCD. My friend Tyesha was the first to point this out. I like to wash my hands, but when I cook, it's almost obsessive! Also, I must always be "balanced" whenever I do things! For example, if I try a shoe on my left foot, I feel like I "must" try on a right shoe, too! Otherwise, I feel "off". I just realized, even when I wear jewelry, if I have something on one wrist/hand/arm, I have to have something on the other one, too. It's very rare to see me with a ring and bracelet on one hand/wrist and nothing on the other!

6. One of my favorite "chores"--I don't know what else to call it--is ironing! People who know me very closely know that; it's something I really love and am good at! LOL! I volunteer to iron people's things, especially if I think they can't do a good job themselves!


Perfectly Me said…
YAY to ironing! I remember you used to iron my stuff, now the hubby does it. Love ya!

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