I'm a model!!

Well, sorta! Well, I'm more like a "model in training!" No, seriously, I haven't yet signed on with the agency, but I'm taking classes to prepare me to be signed with Signature Ink Modeling Agency! (Here's the website if you are interested: Signature Ink Models). I'm very pumped about it!! Our classes started on January 5.

Here's exactly what happened: My friend Tyesha, who is tall and beautiful and very "model-esque", was already going to sign with Signature and was in a fashion show in November with the agency. I went to support her and on a trip to the ladies room--during which I got sidetracked and ended up buying one of the most beautiful and CHUNKY rings I've ever seen and owned!--I saw a flier for the agency's open call that upcoming Friday. I went to the agency's website and MySpace pages and saw that she has a full-figured division and that she has people who aren't the typical "fashion/model industry standard" but they all have that something! So, I decided "This is the year of no more fears!" and decided to go on the open call. (I had previously decided that I wanted to do some full-figured modeling, but kept chickening out, after getting rejected for the Mo'Nique's F.A.T. chance show--they wanted to make people over. I thought they'd want fly and confident full-figured women! I was wrong.)

So, I contacted the director (she's a faithful member of my church so I knew she wouldn't have me doing nothin' CRAZY) to find out what I needed. I ended up taking a black & white picture of myself from one of my trips to Vegas--it was seriously all I had! The color ink on my printer was gone!--with me to give her! I had to do an interview, and then walk & pose! I was SO nervous!! Wow! But I did it!! I was so proud!! And I was even happier when I got that call to come back for a second interview--with the director herself! Now, before all this, I knew her name and spoke, but we'd never had conversation! She told me that she was interested in signing me! YAY!!

So, fast forward to the present and here we are, almost finished our 2nd month of class! (Class, for adults, is 6 months, unless you have previous experience! Her kids division train for 12 months.) I did my first photoshoot two weeks ago. It was fantastic! (As soon as I learn about rights and all that regarding the photos, I'll post one!) It was fun and a pure adrenaline rush, but it was also hard work. I mean, I don't normally just "smile for the camera" or at hardly smile at all, but she kept telling me that my natural smile needs to come out more!

And even funnier still is the fact that, although I'm a full-figured model, I've got to be more conscious than ever about my weight, what I eat (and drink!! Gotta prevent those breakouts!) and how often I exercise and all that!! I'll also have to probably change some things about my look (my hair or perhaps the way I dress) but I look forward to the changes!! I mean, I figure I can only get fly-er from here on out!! So as such, I've tried to also step it up in the general looks/appearance department! I don't wanna be out at dinner with friends, have someone overhear me say "yeah, so my modeling agent..." and the person looks at my outfit and burst into laughter!

So...YAY, I'm a model!!


Jarred said…
Oooh Tonyette, how exciting! I'm SO happy for you!
Toya said…
Wait! What??? Are you serious?? How have I not heard about this???

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