wake up

Have you ever been so sleepy that you fall asleep right where you are--no matter WHERE that is and the worst part is that you don't realize it until you wake up? Sheesh! That keeps happening to me at work! I'm glad that I have the "new mail arrival" sound to keep me going!
I'm actually trying to do work so this has been a tough one!! Whew!

But thankfully, the weekend is here!! I can rest--hopefully!!


Stephanie said…
i've been there girl. far more often than i want to admit.
othurme said…
Try not to do it while driving. Um...sleep that is.
Tonyette said…
I'm glad that you can relate, Stephanie...and othurme, I'll not not to! :0)
Jarred said…
That is the WORST feeling...LOL! I always feel like someone knocked me upside the head when I wake up after that happens.

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