I'm a Zebra!!

OK, so I'm obviously NOT a zebra...but I have decided that for the rest of this week--at least the rest of the work week, but if I can, up through Sunday--I'm going to wear black, white or some combination of the two!! I recently realized that I LOVE white and black and apparently, black and white! (I said that I've recently realized it because I didn't consciously go out and buy tons of black and white...well, yes, I did with white, but not black! But almost every night that I was going to get dressed in Vegas, it was some version white and black...and I'm learning to just embrace that!!) I've discovered lots of ways to "spice it up" so I'm determined to do just that!! Yesterday...a black and white polka-dotted shirt with black Bermuda shorts--that I adore from Torrid. Today...a black and white paisley print top with white gauchos--that I LOVE from Target. Tomorrow, not really sure, but I'll come up with something!! Just felt the need to share that!!

Speaking of sharing...it seems like I have some THING against posting about my trips to Vegas...but it just seems like I wanna keep the memories, for the most part, to myself!! I don't know why that is...perhaps it's because when I break it down...I don't do anything SUPER special in Vegas but RELAX, RELATE and RELEASE! So...if you wanna know what happened in Vegas, email me!! I'll share...one message at a time!


Toya said…
Tonyette - you've been tagged! Go to my blog for the rules.
Tiombe said…
Okay, I must agree that the combination of black and white is very classy and simply one of my favorites, try some nice white dress slacks with a black and white top and some to die for shoes and watch it pop! There is NOTHING boring about the combinations, I may have to see if I can be a zebra for a week, I think I could, although I have way more black than white....guess I will have to go shopping.

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