Happily Ever After

SO...I'm talking with a co-worker, who I often have MIND-BLOWING (and NOT in a positive way) conversations with and it made me feel like I have these romantic idealistic ridiculous expectations of relationships and marriage!! I hope that is not true and I hope that he's just more willing to deal with foolishness than I am...because if it turns out he is right and that I'm basically setting myself up to 1) be alone or 2) to settle then I WON'T be a happy camper!!!!!!!!
He's always asking me "what about love?" and I'm like "love is not enough" and I truly and honestly believe that! OF COURSE it's the foundation, but I definitely do NOT think it's enough to sustain a relationship. But maybe that's just me!!


Kim said…
Is your coworker married? As someone who is married, I have to agree with you that love is not enough. Everyone who has been divorced started out in love. Love will bring you together, but when he leaves the seat up yet again, or walks right by sink full of dishes, you won't have those warm fuzzy feelings to keep you going. Real love is an action -- a choice -- and marriage takes work every day. Girl, you know the truth. What God has for you is for you. So, if you're going to put in that effort, it had better be with the right guy.
Tonyette said…
Thanks, Kim!! I honestly was feeling terrible after talking to him!! The thing is he IS married!! That's the part I don't understand...but keep in mind, this is the same co-worker who said I should dress like an 1840s school librarian because I'm abstinent so...I don't know what I expected...but thank you for understanding what I'm trying to say!!

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